Welcome!  Cab Drivers for Justice is the name of our legal trust account that has been set up to hold funds for legal costs.  More about the case itself, below. 

For years, the city of Chicago has set regulations that are very similar to rules that an employer has for their employees.  For example, regulations that address courtesy, what type of payment you are forced accept, what you can charge for your work, what is acceptable methods of marketing, being forced to serve a particular area, prescribing income and not being able to refuse a passenger, are regulations that a government should not take the authority to require – unless the city is an employer.

All of the above-mentioned regulations and more have led to an exploitative situation that has resulted in drivers not making enough money, not making the minimum wage.  Two studies have shown that taxi drivers in Chicago make an average of $4-$5 per hour and that includes tips received.  As a result of this situation, a taxi driver filed a lawsuit against the City in federal court in January of 2012. The goal of this case is to ensure that cab drivers make more money, have more rights and are overall treated fairly.

We recently received a decision by the 7th Circuit Appellate court, the decision was not favorable to cab drivers.  At this time, we are evaluating all legal options and will update this site with further information when available.  To view the court's recent decision, click on the tab labeled "court documents."

Cab Drivers for Justice